The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The First Epistle of the Blessed Apostle Paul to the Thessalonians
Chapter 3
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At last we could not bear it any longer, and decided to remain at Athens by ourselves,
while we sent our brother Timothy, who exercises God’s ministry in preaching the gospel of Christ, to confirm your resolution, and give you the encouragement your faith needed.
There must be no wavering amidst these trials; you know well enough that this is our appointed lot.
Indeed, when we visited you we told you that trials were to befall us; now you can see for yourselves that it was true.
That was my reason for sending him, when I could bear it no longer, to make sure of your faith; it might be that the tempter of souls had been tempting you, and that all our labour would go for nothing.
Now that Timothy has come back to us from seeing you, and told us about your faith and love, and the kind remembrance you have of us all the while, longing for our company as we long for yours,
your faith has brought us comfort, brethren, amidst all our difficulties and trials.
If only you stand firm in the Lord, it brings fresh life to us.
What thanks can we return to God for you, to express all the joy we feel in rejoicing over you in the presence of our God,
as we pray more than ever, night and day, for the opportunity of seeing you face to face, and making good whatever your faith still lacks?
May he himself, our God and our Father, may our Lord Jesus Christ speed us on our journey to you;
and as for you, may the Lord give you a rich and an ever richer love for one another and for all men, like ours for you.
So, when our Lord Jesus Christ comes with all his saints, may you stand boldly before the presence of God, our Father, in holiness unreproved. Amen.