The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Acts of the Apostles
Chapter 24
Five days later the high priest Ananias came down, accompanied by some of the elders and by an advocate named Tertullus; these appeared before the governor against Paul.
So, when Paul had been summoned, Tertullus began his indictment thus. Such is the peace thou hast enabled us to enjoy, so many wrongs have been righted for us through thy wisdom,
that always and everywhere, most noble Felix, we are ready to acknowledge it with grateful hearts.
But I must not weary thee with more of this; what we ask of thy courtesy is no more than a brief audience.
Here is a man who is known to us as a pestilent mover of sedition among Jews all over the world, a ringleader of the sect of the Nazarenes,
who has not scrupled to attempt a violation of the temple. We arrested him, and had intended to try him according to our own law,
when the captain, Lysias, came and took him out of our hands, with great violence,
and insisted that his accusers must appear before thee. Interrogate him thyself, and thou wilt be able to learn the truth about all the accusations we bring against him.
And the Jews, for their part, supported the indictment, alleging that all this was the truth.

Then the governor made a sign to bid Paul speak, and he answered, I am the more emboldened to make my defence, because I know well that thou hast been a judge over this nation for many years.
Thou hast the means of assuring thyself that it is only twelve days since I came up to Jerusalem, to worship there.
They have never found me raising controversy, or bringing a crowd together, either in the temple, or in the synagogues, or in the open city;
nor can they produce any proof of the charges they bring against me.
But this I admit to thee, that in worshipping God, my Father, I follow what we call the way, and they call a sect. I put my trust in all that is written in the law and the prophets,
sharing before God the hope they have too, that the dead will rise again, both just and unjust.
To that end I, like them, am at pains to keep my conscience clear of offence towards God or man, at all times.
After some years’ absence I came up to bring alms to the men of my own race, and certain offerings.
It was when I had just made these offerings and had been purified in the temple, that I was found there, no crowd about me, no rioting, by whom?
By some Jews from Asia, who ought to be here, standing in thy presence, if they had any quarrel with me.
In default of that, it is for those who are here to give their own account of what blame they found in me, when I stood before the Council;
unless it were over one single utterance, when I cried out, standing there among them, If I am on my trial before you to-day, it is because of the resurrection of the dead.

Felix, who had full information about this way, reserved judgement; I will give you a hearing, he said, when Lysias, the captain, has come down here.
And he gave orders to the centurion that Paul was to be kept safely, but left at his ease, and that any of his friends should be given liberty to minister to him.
And some days afterwards, when Felix was there with his wife Drusilla, who was a Jewess, he sent for Paul, and listened to his message about faith in Jesus Christ.
When he spoke of justice, and continence, and of the judgement that is to come, Felix was terrified; No more of this for the present, he said, I will send for thee when I can find leisure.
At the same time, he hoped that Paul would offer him a bribe, and for that reason sent for him often, and courted his company.
So two years passed; then Porcius Festus came as successor to Felix; and Felix, who wished to ingratiate himself with the Jews, left Paul in prison.