The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Apocalypse of the Blessed Apostle John
Chapter 11
Then I was given a reed, shaped like a wand, and word came to me, Up, and measure God’s temple, and the altar, and reckon up those who worship in it.
But leave out of thy reckoning the court which is outside the temple; do not measure that, because it has been made over to the Gentiles, who will tread the holy city under foot for the space of forty-two months.
Meanwhile I will give the power of prophecy to my two witnesses; for twelve hundred and sixty days they shall prophesy, dressed in sackcloth;
these are the two olive-trees, the two candlesticks thou knowest of, that stand before him who is Lord of the earth.
Does anyone try to hurt them? Fire will come out from their mouths and devour such enemies of theirs; that will be the end of all who try to do them hurt.
These two have it in their power to shut the doors of heaven, and let no rain fall during the days of their ministry; they can turn the waters into blood, and smite the earth with any other plague, whenever they will.
Then, when they have borne me witness to the full, the beast which comes up out of the abyss will make war on them, and defeat and kill them.
Their bodies will lie in the open street, in that great city which is called Sodom or Egypt in the language of prophecy; there, too, their Lord was crucified.
For three days and a half, men of every tribe and people and language and race will gaze at their bodies, those bodies to which they refuse burial;
and all who dwell on earth will triumph over them, and take their ease, and send presents to one another; such a torment were these two prophets to all that dwell on the earth.
Then, after three and a half days, by God’s gift the breath of life entered into them, and they rose to their feet, while great dread fell on all who watched them.
Then they heard a loud voice from heaven, Come up to my side; and, while their enemies watched them, they went up, amid the clouds, to heaven.
At that hour there was a great earthquake, which overthrew a tenth of the city; the count of those who were killed by the earthquake was seven thousand, and the rest were filled with dread, and acknowledged the glory of God in heaven.
So the second of the three woes that were pronounced is past, and the third will come speedily.

Then the seventh angel sounded, and with that, a great cry was raised in heaven, The dominion of the world has passed to the Lord of us all, and to Christ his anointed; he shall reign for ever and ever, Amen.
And the twenty-four elders who sit enthroned in God’s presence fell prostrate, worshipping God and crying out,
Lord God Almighty, who art, and ever wast, and art still to come, we give thee thanks for assuming that high sovereignty which belongs to thee, and beginning thy reign.
The heathen have vented their rage upon us, but now the day of thy retribution has come; the time when thou wilt judge the dead, rewarding thy servants, prophets and holy men and all who fear thy name, little or great, and destroying the corrupters of the world.
After this, God’s heavenly temple was thrown open, and the ark of the covenant was plain to view, standing in his temple; and there were lightnings, and mutterings, and an earthquake, and a great storm of hail.