The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Epistle of the Blessed Apostle Paul to the Romans
Chapter 10
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Brethren, they have all the good will of my heart, all my prayers to God, for their salvation.
That they are jealous for God’s honour, I can testify; but it is with imperfect understanding.
They did not recognize God’s way of justification, and so they tried to institute a way of their own, instead of submitting to his.
Christ has superseded the law, bringing justification to anyone who will believe.
The account which Moses gives of that justification which comes from the law, is that a man will find life in its commandments if he observes them.
But the justification which comes from faith makes a different claim; Do not say, Who will scale heaven for us? (as if we had to bring Christ down to earth),
or, Who will go down into the depth for us? (as if we had to bring Christ back from the dead).
No, says the scripture, the message is close to thy hand, it is on thy lips, it is in thy heart; meaning by that the message of faith, which we preach.
Thou canst find salvation, if thou wilt use thy lips to confess that Jesus is the Lord, and thy heart to believe that God has raised him up from the dead.
The heart has only to believe, if we are to be justified; the lips have only to make confession, if we are to be saved.
That is what the scripture says, Anyone who believes in him will not be disappointed.

There is no distinction made here between Jew and Gentile; all alike have one Lord, and he has enough and to spare for all those who call upon him.
Every one who calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved.
Only, how are they to call upon him until they have learned to believe in him? And how are they to believe in him, until they listen to him? And how can they listen, without a preacher to listen to?
And how can there be preachers, unless preachers are sent on their errand? So we read in scripture, How welcome is the coming of those who tell of peace, who tell of good news.
True, there are some who have not obeyed the call of the gospel; so Isaias says, Lord, who has given us a faithful hearing?
(See how faith comes from hearing; and hearing through Christ’s word.)
But, tell me, did the news never come to them? Why, yes; the utterance fills every land, the message reaches the ends of the world.
And, tell me, was not Israel warned of it? Why, there is a saying that goes back to Moses, I will make them jealous of a nation that is no nation at all; I will put rivalry between them and a nation which has never learnt wisdom.
And Isaias speaks out boldly, Those who never looked for me have found me; I have made myself known to those who never asked for word of me;
and he says of Israel, I have stretched out my hands all day to a people that refuses obedience and cries out against me.