The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The First Book of Kings
Chapter 29
So the Philistines marshalled their whole forces in Aphec, while Israel encamped by the spring at Jezrahel;
at the head of their hundreds and their thousands the chiefs of the Philistines marched by, and at the rear, with Achis, were David and his men.
And now the chiefs of the Philistines began asking what these Hebrews did there; Why, said Achis, you have surely heard of David, that was in the service of Saul, king of Israel? He has been with me a long time, more than a year now, and to this day, from the day when he first took refuge with me I have had no fault to find with him.
But the chiefs of the Philistines took it amiss; Let this fellow go home, they said, and remain at the post thou hast allotted to him. He must not march into battle at our side; who knows whether he will turn against us when once we are engaged? What other peace-offering can such a man bring to his old master but these heads of ours?
It was of this David the dancers used to sing, By Saul’s hand a thousand, by David’s ten thousand fell.

So Achis sent for David, and said to him, As the Lord is a living God, I know thee for a good man and true; thy place is at my side in battle, and never to this day from the day when first thou camest to me have I had any fault to find with thee. But the chiefs look askance at thee;
go home, then, and peace go with thee; it were well thou shouldst not cross the chiefs of the Philistines.
Why, said David, what harm have I done, what fault hast thou to find with thy servant, ever since I first appeared in thy presence, that I should be forbidden to come out and fight against the enemies of my lord the king?
Nay, answered Achis, I can vouch for it that to myself thou art welcome as an angel of God; but the chiefs of the Philistines have decreed, He shall not go to battle with us.
Come then, march away to-morrow with all thy company; rise up at dawn, and begone with the morning light.
So David and his men rose up early on the morrow to march away and return to the Philistine country, while the Philistines went to the attack against Jezrahel.