The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Second Book of Kings
Chapter 4
When Isboseth, Saul’s heir, heard news of Abner’s death at Hebron, he was a broken man, and all Israel was in confusion.
In command of his army, when they went out on forays, were two Berothites from Benjamin, named Baana and Rechab, sons of Remmon; Beroth counted as part of Benjamin,
but these Berothites were exiles, and lived in Gethaim ever after.
For heir, he had a grandson of Saul by Jonathan, a lame-footed boy; he was five years old when the news about Saul and Jonathan came from Jezrahel, and his nurse carried him off to safety, but in the hurry of the flight he fell and was lamed; he was called Miphiboseth.

And now Baana and Rechab, sons of Remmon the Berothite, entered Isboseth’s house when the sun was at its full heat; Isboseth himself was abed, taking his noon-day sleep, and the woman that kept the door had fallen asleep too over the corn she was cleaning.
(Taking ears of corn with them, Rechab and Baana made their way in secretly, and smote him in the groin, and made good their escape. )
When they had made their way in, they found him there in his own room, asleep on the bed, and despatched him with blows; then they cut off his head, and journeyed with it across the desert road all night.
So they brought the head of Isboseth to David at Hebron; See, they told him, here is the head of Isboseth, the heir of Saul, that was thy mortal enemy; the Lord has revenged our royal master this day upon Saul and his race.

But this was the answer David made to Rechab and his brother Baana, sons of Remmon: As the Lord, my rescuer from all peril, is a living God, you shall repent it!
There was one came to me at Siceleg and told me of Saul’s death, thinking to bring me good news; and his reward was then and there to be seized and slain.
And here are wretches that have murdered an innocent man in his own home, as he lay asleep; do you think I will not exact blood-vengeance from you, rid the land of you?
So David ordered his men to kill them and cut off their hands and feet; the bodies were hung up over the fish-pond at Hebron. As for the head of Isboseth, it was carried away, and buried in Abner’s grave.