The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Second Book of Paralipomena
Chapter 19
But Josaphat came home safe and sound to Jerusalem.
There he was met by the prophet Jehu, son of Hanani, who said, What, wilt thou comfort the sinner, ally thyself with the Lord’s enemies? Nay, thou wouldst have brought the Lord’s vengeance on thyself,
but for those worthy deeds thou hast to shew. Well for thee that thou hast rid Juda of those shrines, taken that resolve to have recourse only to the God of thy fathers!

And now, returned to his capital, Josaphat set out on a progress all through his kingdom, from Bersabee to the hill country of Ephraim, recalling the Lord God of their fathers to his people’s minds anew.
In every fortified city he appointed judges;
and this was the charge he gave them: Take heed how you perform your office; it is the Lord’s commission you hold, not man’s, and according to the award you make, yourselves will be judged.
As you fear the Lord’s vengeance, do not spare yourselves any pains; when the Lord our God gives sentence, there is no wrongful award, no room for flattery of the great, or for bribery.
At Jerusalem, too, he set up courts, under Levites, and priests, and heads of families, to give sentence and award in the Lord’s name to the citizens.
As you fear the Lord’s vengeance, he warned them, go about your work faithfully, with sincere hearts.
Suits will be remitted to you by your brethren in the other cities, of feud between clan and clan, of issues between law and decree, between statute and award given; yours to resolve their doubts, lest they should incur guilt in the Lord’s eyes, and bring punishment on you and themselves alike. So shall your duty be done faultlessly;
where God’s rights are concerned, your high priest Amarias will preside over you, and Zabadias son of Ismahel, Juda’s own chieftain, will have charge of every case that touches the king’s prerogative. The Levites are at your side to instruct you; boldly and carefully set about your task, and the Lord will be with you to defend the right.