The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Second Book of Paralipomena
Chapter 17
The throne passed to his son Josaphat, who made his territories secure against threat from Israel;
all the fortified cities of Juda he garrisoned, and kept troops on guard throughout Juda, and in the cities his father Asa had taken from Ephraim.
Josaphat reigned, and the Lord was with him, because the first years of his father (David) were the example he followed; he put his trust, not in gods of the country-side,
but in his own father’s God; kept close to the divine commandments, far from the sins of Israel.
So the Lord gave him a firm hold on the reins of government; from all parts of Juda gifts came to Josaphat, till riches and renown were his in abundance.
Boldly he upheld the Lord’s commandments, sweeping away hill-shrine and forest sanctuary from Juda.

In the third year of his reign, he would have some of his chief officers go out and give instruction in the townships of Juda, Benhail, Obdias, Zacharias, Nathanael, and Michaeas,
and with them certain Levites, Semeias, Nathanias, Zabadias, Asael, Semiramoth, Jonathan, Adonias, Tobias and Tob-Adonias, and two priests, Elisama and Joram.
They took a copy of the Lord’s law with them, the better to instruct the men of Juda, and went round all its cities, teaching the common folk.

Never a king in all the countries about Juda durst levy war against Josaphat, such terror the Lord had struck into their hearts;
the very Philistines brought him gifts, and paid a tribute of silver, and the Arabs must bring in their herds, seven thousand seven hundred rams and as many goats.
Josaphat, then, grew to great magnificence, filling Juda with fortresses and walled towns;
and all through the cities of Juda he had store in abundance. At Jerusalem, he was surrounded by brave warriors,
clans thus enrolled: from Juda, three hundred thousand fighting men under the command of Ednas, one of his chieftains;
two hundred and eighty thousand under Johanan,
and two hundred thousand under Amasias son of Zechri, that was set apart for the Lord’s service.
And (from Benjamin) two hundred thousand with bow and spear under brave Eliada,
and a hundred and eighty thousand, well equipped for battle, under Jozabad.
All these were close to the king’s side, not counting those he had marshalled in the walled cities from end to end of Juda.