The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Prophecy of Amos
Chapter 8
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Then the Lord God shewed me another vision, of a hook such as they use for fruit-gathering.
And when he asked, could I see what he had there, Why, Lord, I said, a grappling-hook for fruit-trees! Ay, said he, and right autumn it is for my people of Israel; no further chance shall they have of repentance.

Day of doom! How shriek the hinges of yonder temple gates; then, what massacre! Everywhere deep silence falls.

Here is word for you, oppressors of the poor, that bring ruin on your fellow-citizens in their need;
you that long for new moon and sabbath to be at an end, for trading to begin and granary to be opened, so you may be at your shifts again, the scant measure, the high price, the false weights!
You that for a debt, though it were but the price of a pair of shoes, will make slaves of poor, honest folk; you that sell refuse for wheat!
By Jacob’s ancient renown the Lord swears it, crimes of yours shall remain for ever unforgotten.
Well may the earth quake over such doings, to the hurt of all that dwell in it; everywhere mount up, and shift, and sink, like Egypt’s river in flood.
Day of doom, says the Lord God, when there shall be sunset at noon, and earth shall be overshadowed under the full light!
All your feasting turned to lament, all your songs to dirge and dole; not a loin but goes clad in sackcloth, not a head but is shaved bald; never was such mourning made, though it were for an only son; bitter the day, bitter its ending.

A time is coming, says the Lord God, when there shall be great lack in the land, yet neither dearth nor drought. Hunger? Ay, they shall hunger for some message from the Lord,
yet go they from eastern to western sea, go they from north to south, making search for it everywhere, message from the Lord they shall have none.
Thirst, ay, they shall thirst, fair maid and brave warrior both.
Fools, that by the shame of Samaria take their oaths, pin their faith to Dan’s worship or Bersabee pilgrimage! Here is fall there is no amending.