The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Song of Songs
Chapter 3
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In the night watches, as I lay abed, I searched for my heart’s love, and searched in vain.
Now to stir abroad, and traverse the city, searching every alley-way and street for him I love so tenderly! But for all my search I could not find him.
I met the watchmen who go the city rounds, and asked them whether they had seen my love;
then, when I had scarce left them, I found him, so tenderly loved; and now that he is mine I will never leave him, never let him go, till I have brought him into my own mother’s house, into the room that saw my birth.

An oath, maidens of Jerusalem! By the gazelles and the wild fawns I charge you, wake never from her sleep my heart’s love, till wake she will!

Who is this that makes her way up by the desert road, erect as a column of smoke, all myrrh and incense, and those sweet scents the perfumer knows?

See now the bed whereon king Solomon lies, with sixty warriors to guard him, none braver in Israel;
swordsmen all, well trained for battle, and each with his sword girt about him, against the perils of the night!
A litter king Solomon will have, of Lebanon wood;
a golden frame it must have, on silver props, with cushions of purple; within are pictured tales of love, for your pleasure, maidens of Jerusalem.
Come out, maidens of Sion, and see king Solomon wearing the crown that was his mother’s gift to him on his day of triumph, the day of his betrothal.