The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Prophecy of Daniel
Chapter 12
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Time, then, that Michael should be up and doing; Michael, that high lord who is guardian of thy race. Distress shall then be, such as never was since the world began; and in that hour of distress thy fellow-countrymen shall win deliverance, all whose names are found written when the record lies open.
Many shall wake, that now lie sleeping in the dust of earth, some to enjoy life everlasting, some to be confronted for ever with their disgrace.
Bright shall be the glory of wise counsellors, as the radiance of the sky above; starry-bright for ever their glory, who have taught many the right way.

For thyself, Daniel, keep this revelation locked away; sealed up the record of it must be until the hour appointed. Leave others to hasten to and fro, in search of knowledge.

Thus he spoke; and now, looking up, I saw two others that stood there, one on either bank of the stream.
But he, the man clad in linen, stood there yet over the river itself; and when I asked how long these wondrous doings should last,
it was from him I had my answer. Both hands raised to heaven, he swore by the God who lives for ever that there should be an end to it; it should last for a space of time, and for twice as long, and for half as long, no more. Strength of God’s holy people must be broken utterly; when that is over, all is over and done.
So I had my answer, but still could not tell the meaning of it; Ay, my Lord, I said, but what shall be the end of it all?
Nay, Daniel, said he, no more of this; needs must that this revelation be shut away and sealed up, till the appointed hour comes;
and still there shall be chosen souls a many, that are purged by the fire’s assaying, and still there are sinners that will not leave their sinning. The riddle, for these others, a riddle must remain, but wise counsellors there be that will find the clue to it.
Of this be sure; after the time when the daily sacrifice is abrogated, and all becomes defilement and desolation, twelve hundred and ninety days must pass.
Blessed shall his lot be that waits patiently till thirteen hundred and thirty-five days are over.
And for thyself, Daniel, go thy way … till the end; till the end of the days rest thou shalt, and rise to fulfil thy appointed destiny.