The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Book of Esther
Chapter 7
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So met they once again, the king and Aman, over the queen’s wine.
And once again, his heart warmed by drinking, Assuerus would know what Esther’s mind might be; what was it she would have? Half of his kingdom should be hers for the asking.
My lord king, she said, if this is indeed thy gracious pleasure, one gift I would ask, my life; one boon, the preservation of my people.
Must we be crushed to nothing, I and my people; must we perish by massacre? To that we are doomed. If we were only marked down for slaves and bondwomen, our lot should be bravely borne; I would have nursed my grief in silence. But here is an enemy whose cruel designs concern the king’s grace.
Who is this man? Assuerus asked. Where is the insolence to be found that would make such an attempt as this?
One enemy we have, said Esther, one schemer’s malice we fear, and he is here in thy presence; Aman.

Upon hearing this, Aman was struck dumb, and could look neither king nor queen in the eyes.
The king rose angrily from his place, left the banqueting-room, and went out to walk in the garden, among his trees. With that, Aman rose too, intent on winning his pardon from queen Esther; doubt he might not that the king was bent on his undoing.
Thus minded, he fell sprawling across the couch on which Esther lay; and so the king found him, when he returned from garden to banqueting-room. What, cried he, will he ravish the queen before my eyes, and in my own house? And before the words were out of his mouth Aman was gagged and blindfold.

And now Harbona, one of the chamberlains in attendance on the king’s person, came forward; What of the gallows, said he, fifty cubits high, that stands there by Aman’s house, ready for Mardochaeus, that saved the king’s life? Let Aman himself hang on it, said the king.
So Aman was hanged on the gallows he had raised for Mardochaeus; and with that, the king’s angry mood was appeased.