The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Book of Esther
Chapter 12
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… At this time his days were passed at the king’s palace, and two of the royal chamberlains, Bagatha and Thara, were much in his company.
When he came to know their minds better, and read the secret of their ambitions, he became aware that they were plotting against the king’s life, and warned the king of his danger.
Both, upon examination, confessed their guilt, and were sent to execution;
and the king had the story recorded in his archives; Mardochaeus himself has also left an account of it.
The royal orders were, that he should be rewarded for the information given, and lodged at the palace;
but already he had an enemy, Aman son of Amadathi, the Bugaean. This Aman was in high favour with the king, and owed both Mardochaeus and his nation a grudge for bringing the two chamberlains to their death.

Here is a copy of the letter.)