The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Book of Exodus
Chapter 11
The Lord had told Moses, I mean to send one more plague on Pharao, and Egypt with him; after that he will let you go, nay, he will drive you out with all eagerness.
Give the word, then, to all the people, men and women alike, that they are to claim gold and silver trinkets from their neighbours;
the Lord will let you have your way with the Egyptians.

Sore adread of Moses the Egyptians were, both Pharao’s servants and all the people.
And now he said, The Lord sends you this message: At midnight I will make my way through the midst of Egypt,
and with that every first-born thing in the land of Egypt will die, whether it be the first-born of Pharao, where he sits on his throne, or the first-born of the slave-woman working at the mill; all the first-born, too, of your cattle.
All over the land of Egypt there shall be loud lament, such as never was yet, never shall be again.
But where the Israelites dwell, all shall be still, man and beast, not a dog shall howl; you will know at last how signal a difference the Lord makes between Egypt and Israel.
Then all these servants of thine shall come bowing down to me in entreaty, praying to be rid of me, and of all the people under my command; and when that happens, we will depart.
So he left Pharao’s presence, full of anger. It was a true word the Lord had said to Moses, Pharao will refuse you a hearing, to give occasion for those many signs I mean to do in Egypt.
Moses and Aaron had done all the miracles here recorded, all in Pharao’s presence, and still the Lord hardened Pharao’s heart, and he would not let the Israelites leave his country.