The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Book of Exodus
Chapter 31
And now the Lord said to Moses,
Here is the name of the man I have singled out to help thee, Beseleel, son of Uri, son of Hur, of the tribe of Juda.
I have filled him with my divine spirit, making him wise, adroit, and skilful in every kind of craftsmanship;
so that he can design whatever is to be designed in gold, silver, and bronze,
carve both stone and jewel, and woods of all sorts.
I have found a partner for him in Oöliab, son of Achisamech, of the tribe of Dan; and I have inspired the hearts of all the craftsmen with skill to carry out the commands which I have given thee.
The tabernacle which attests my covenant, the ark that bears record of me, the throne above it, and all the appurtenances of the tabernacle,
the table with its appurtenances, the lamp-stand of pure gold and all that goes with it, the altar for incense
and the altar for burnt-sacrifice, and all that goes with these, the basin and its stand,
the sacred vestments to be worn by the high priest Aaron and his sons when they perform their holy office,
the oil for anointing, and the incense that is to perfume the sanctuary, all that I have bidden thee make, shall be made through their workmanship.

This, too, was the Lord’s word to Moses:
Give the sons of Israel a warning from me, Be sure that you observe the sabbath day. It is a token between us, that is to last all through the ages which lie before you, reminding you that I am the Lord, and you are set apart for me.
Keep my sabbath; it has a binding claim on you, on pain of death for all who violate it. The man who does any work on that day is lost to his people.
You have six days to work in; the seventh is the sabbath, a day of rest set apart for the Lord, and if anybody works on that day, his life must pay for it.
It is for the sons of Israel to observe my sabbath and honour it among themselves, age after age. It is an undying covenant,
a perpetual token between me and the Israelites; the Lord spent six days making heaven and earth, and on the seventh he rested from his labours.

Then, at the end of all this converse with Moses on mount Sinai, the Lord gave him two stone tablets, with laws inscribed on them by the very finger of God.