The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Prophecy of Ezechiel
Chapter 39
Prophesy, then, son of man, the doom of Gog; be this the divine message thou givest him: Have at thee, Gog, that hast the lordship of Mosoch and Thubal!
This way and that I will turn thee, whistle thee on and bid thee leave thy northern fastnesses, to march against the hill-country of Israel;
then I will strike yonder bow from thy left hand, spill the arrows from thy right!
Host and horde of thine shall fall with thee on the mountains of Israel, carrion for every bird in air, every beast on earth;
cast away on the bare ground thou shalt lie, such is my doom for thee, the Lord God says.
Such a fire I will light as shall reach Magog, and others besides, island-dwellers far away that have no thought of peril; they too shall know my power.
Among my own people of Israel my renown shall spread, and never more shall my holy name be dragged in the dust; the heathen shall know what manner of God it is that dwells apart in Israel.

When all is over and done, and my day of doom past,
the townsfolk of Israel will come out to gather kindling-wood and fire-wood out of the spoils that were left; shield and spear, bow and arrow, staff and pole; and they will be seven years a-burning.
All that time, faggots will strew the country-side ungathered, and never axe will be laid to forest tree; weapons of war shall be all their fuel, spoil of the spoiler, plunder of the plunderer, the Lord God says.
Then, too, Gog shall have a burying-place named after him, there in Israel, none other than the Valley of the Wayfarers, east of the Dead Sea; a thing of wonder to all that pass by. There they shall bury Gog with all the rabble that came after him, and Valley of Gog’s Rabble the place shall be called.
Seven months’ work Israel shall have burying them, and cleansing the land from its defilement;
all the citizens shall take part in it, and shall commemorate that day as the day on which I was vindicated, says the Lord God.
Even when the seven months are over, some there will be whose office it is to search ever the country-side, finding those remains and burying them, to rid the land of defilement;
still they will be scouring those plains, and setting up a mark where they see men’s bones lie, for the grave-diggers to bury them, there in the Valley of Gog’s Rabble;
from this the city of Amona, Rabble, shall take its name. And so the land shall be cleansed.

This too: Son of man, here is a message for every bird in air, every beast that roams the earth: Come all, come with haste, gather from every side for the sacrificial feast I am making for you, a great feast on the uplands of Israel, flesh to eat, blood for your drinking!
Flesh of fighting men, blood of the world’s great ones; never was ram or lamb, never was goat or bull, food so rich or so dainly!
Glutted with fat, drunk you shall be with blood, at this feast of mine;
horse and brave rider, warriors of high rank and low, are the cheer they shall have at my table, says the Lord God.

In glory I will reveal myself to the Gentiles; the doom I have executed, the power I have exerted, shall be for all to see;
nor shall Israel doubt thenceforward that I, the Lord, am their God.
All the world shall know why it was that Israel went into banishment, why I turned my back on them and gave them up to massacre; that it was because they wronged me and deserted me;
that it was foul crime of theirs bade me disown them.
I mean to restore Jacob from exile, the Lord God says, and extend my mercy to the whole race of Israel; the honour of my name demands it.
The disgrace, the punishment of all their guilt, they needs must bear …

… when they are dwelling safely in their own land, free from all alarms;
when I have brought them back from banishment among strangers, in hostile countries, and so, before the whole world’s eyes, retrieved my honour.
They shall know at last that I, the Lord, am their God: if it was I that drove them into captivity, it was I, too, that restored them to their home, not a man of them left in exile.
And I will turn away from them no longer, I, that have poured out my spirit on the whole race of Israel.