The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Prophecy of Isaias
Chapter 4
Day of desolation! Here are seven women catching hold of one man, and promi-sing, We will earn our bread, find ourselves in clothing; only let us bear thy name, and be saved from the reproach of barrenness!

When that day comes, bud and fruit there shall be, of the Lord’s fostering; burgeoning of glory made manifest, harvest of our soil, the trophy of Israel’s gleanings.
Set apart for him, all that dwell in Sion now, all that survive the city’s purging; none else will be left alive in Jerusalem,
when the Lord sweeps away the guilt of Sion’s women-folk, washes Jerusalem clean from the blood that stains her, with the searing breath of his judgement.
And over mount Sion, the shrine of his name, cloud shall hang by day, glowing haze by night, a veil for glory.
Canopy they shall have, to shade them from the day’s heat, a refuge to give them shelter from storm and rain.