The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Prophecy of Isaias
Chapter 60
Rise up, Jerusalem, and shine forth; thy dawn has come, breaks the glory of the Lord upon thee!
What though darkness envelop the earth, though all the nations lie in gloom? Upon thee the Lord shall dawn, over thee his splendour shall be revealed.
Those rays of thine shall light the Gentiles on their path; kings shall walk in the splendour of thy sunrise.
Lift up thy eyes and look about thee; who are these that come flocking to thee? Sons of thine, daughters of thine, come from far away, or rising up close at hand.
Heart of thee shall overflow with wonder and gratitude, to see all the riches of ocean, all the treasure of the Gentiles pouring into thee!
A stream of camels thronging about thee, dromedaries from Madian and Epha, bringing all the men of Saba with their gifts of gold and incense, their cry of praise to the Lord!
Into thee all the herds of Cedar shall be driven, the rams of Nabaioth shall be thy victims; gifts at my altar accepted, to make the fame of my temple more famous yet.
Who are these that come, swift as the cloud-wrack, as doves flying home to the dove-cot?
These, too, are thy sons; long since, the islands and the ocean-going ships have awaited my signal, when I would bring them home from far away, their silver and their gold with them, for the honour of the Lord thy God, the Holy One of Israel, that has bestowed this glory on thee.

Strangers shall build up thy walls for thee, kings shall do thee service; great as my severity in chastising thee shall be my favour when I pardon thee.
Thy gates shall stand open continually, no need to shut them day or night; make way for the wealth of the nations that shall flow into thee, for the kings with their escorts!
Every nation and kingdom that refuses thee homage shall vanish away, whole provinces empty and forlorn.
All the beauty of Lebanon shall be brought to thee, fir-wood and box-wood and pine-wood mingled together to adorn this place, my sanctuary; I will have honour paid to this, the resting-place of my feet.
See how they come bending low before thee, the race of thy former oppressors, how the men that once despised thee worship the ground thou hast trodden, calling thee The City of the Lord, Sion, dear to the Holy One of Israel!
Thou, the desolate, thou, the unbefriended, a place unvisited by man, shalt be the pride of ages, the joy of succeeding generations;
thou shalt have nations to suckle thee, kings to foster thee, and acknowledge at last that I, the Lord, am thy deliverer, the Lord that rules in Jacob has paid thy ransom.

I will exchange thy brass for gold, thy iron for silver, thy wood for brass, thy stone for iron; I will give thee peace itself to be thy government, justice itself to be thy magistracy;
there shall be no more talk of wrong in that land of thine, no tidings of wreck and ruin within those frontiers; all thy walls shall be deliverance, and all thy gates renown.
No longer wilt thou have the sun to shine by day, or the moon’s beam to enlighten thee; the Lord shall be thy everlasting light, thy God shall be all thy splendour.
No more, for thee, the setting of suns, the waning of moons, now that the Lord is thy everlasting light, and the days of thy widowhood are over.
Thy people, all guiltless now, shall inherit the land eternally, the flower I planted, the pride of my workmanship.
The meanest of them shall be ancestor to a thousand, the least regarded, to a great nation; swift and sudden shall be the doing of it, when once the hour is come.