The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Prophecy of Isaias
Chapter 61
The Lord has anointed me, on me his spirit has fallen; he has sent me to bring good news to men that are humbled, to heal broken hearts, promising the release of captives, the opening of prison doors,
proclaiming the year of the Lord’s pardon, the day when he, our God, will give us redress. Comfort for every mourner;
Sion’s mourners, what decree should I make for them, what gift offer them? Heads shall be garlanded, that once were strewn with ashes; bright with oil, the faces that were marred with grief; gaily they shall be clad, that went sorrowing. Sturdy growths (men will say) that fulfil hope reposed in them, pride of the Lord’s planting!
Theirs to rebuild what long has lain desolate, repair the ruins of past days, restore the forsaken cities that were lost, we thought, for ever.

Strangers they shall be that tend your flocks for you, farm and vineyard alien hands shall till;
for you, a higher name, a greater calling, priests and chosen ministers of the Lord our God. All the wealth of the nations shall be yours to enjoy, their spoils shall be your boast;
for double portion of shame and contempt, you shall be twice honoured now. Twice happy that home-coming, eternal that content;
I am the Lord, that love to give each his due, resent the wrong, when men rob me of my sacrifice. Faithfully I will give them their recompense, bind myself, now, by an eternal covenant.
Such a race shall spring from them, as all the nations of the world shall acknowledge; none that sees them but shall know them for a people the Lord has blessed.

Well may I rejoice in the Lord, well may this heart triumph in my God. The deliverance he sends is like a garment that wraps me about, his mercy like a cloak enfolding me; no bridegroom so proud of garland that crowns him, no bride of the necklace she wears.
See how yonder earth gives promise of spring, how the garden seeds give promise of flower! And the Lord God will make good his promise for all the world to see; a spring-time of deliverance and renown.