The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Prophecy of Isaias
Chapter 31
Out upon you, that betake yourselves to Egypt for succour! Horses must be your speed in the hour of peril; great array of chariots you must have, and horsemen without number, to bring you confidence; to the Holy One of Israel turn you never, confidence in the Lord is none.
And yet he too is a wise counsellor; brings he trouble to a man’s door, he does not lightly change his purpose; doubt not he will take arms against a rebellious race, the unholy alliance bring to nothing.
Strength of Egypt is human, not divine; its horses are weak flesh, not immortal spirit; one movement of the Lord’s hand, and down comes rescuer, down falls the rescued, to lie there forgotten.
A promise from the Lord God! Here is lion, or cub of a lion, growling over his prey; what though the shepherds rally, and go out to meet him? Nothing cares he for their shouts, is not awed by their numbers. So it will be with the Lord of hosts, when he comes down to war, here on mount Sion, with his own hill-side for battle-ground.
As parent bird hovers over nest, so will the Lord of hosts protect Jerusalem; protect her and bring her safe through, grant signal deliverance.
Come back, sons of Israel, that have hidden yourselves away so deep.

Time, then, for each man to cast away his idols of gold and silver, idols your guilty hands have made.
Not by the sword of man Assur shall fall, earthly weapon is none shall boast it slew him. Flee he must ere sword threaten him, and never warrior of his be left, but to slavery.
All that stubborn strength of his by terror unmanned, all his princes fled away! Such comfort the Lord sends to Sion, where his fire is lit, to Jerusalem, where glows his furnace.