The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Prophecy of Isaias
Chapter 56
Keep right order, the Lord says, faithful to your duty still; ere long I will send deliverance, my own faithfulness shall be revealed.
Blessed, every man that so lives, every mother’s son that by this rule holds fast, keeps the sabbath holy, and his own hands clear of mischief.
Proselyte let him be, of alien birth, will the Lord deny him citizenship? Eunuch let him be, is he no better than a barren trunk, cut down as worthless?
Nay, for yonder eunuch the Lord has this message: Who keeps my sabbath? Who makes my will his choice, true to my covenant?
A place he shall have in this house, within these walls of mine a memorial; son nor daughter his name could so perpetuate; such a memorial I will grant him as time shall never efface.

And so it shall be with the alien born, will they but throw in their lot with the Lord’s worshippers, that cherish the love of his name; the Lord’s servants that keep the sabbath inviolate, and are true to his covenant.
Free of the mountain that is my sanctuary, welcome guests in the house where men pray to me, not vainly to my altar they shall bring burnt-offering and sacrifice. Claimed my house shall be, for a house of prayer, by all the nations.
Such promise the Lord God makes, that now brings home the exiled sons of Israel: I have others to bring, that must yet rally to thy side.

Come, all you wild things, all you beasts of the forest, your prey awaits you!
Here are none but blind watchmen, all unawares; here are dumb dogs that cannot bark, false seers that lie sleeping, in love with their dreams;
shameless dogs that cannot tell when they are gorged with food. The very shepherds have forgotten their craft; see them go their ways, each busy, first and last, with gorging his own appetite:
Fetch we wine, and drink ourselves drunk! To-morrow shall be as to-day was, and braver, braver yet!