The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Prophecy of Isaias
Chapter 62
For love of Sion I will no more be silent, for love of Jerusalem I will never rest, until he, the Just One, is revealed to her like the dawn, until he, her deliverer, shines out like a flame.
All the nations, all the kings of the nations, shall see him, the just, the glorious, and a new name shall be given thee by the Lord’s own lips.
The Lord upholds thee, his crown, his pride; thy God upholds thee, his royal diadem.
No longer shall men call thee Forsaken, or thy land Desolate; thou shall be called My Beloved, and thy land a Home, now the Lord takes delight in thee, now thy land is populous once again.
Gladly as a man takes home the maiden of his choice, thy sons shall come home to thee; gladly the Lord shall greet thee, as bridegroom his bride.

I have set watchmen, Jerusalem, upon thy walls, that shall never cease crying aloud, day or night; you that keep the Lord in remembrance, take no rest,
nor let him rest neither, till he has restored Jerusalem, spread her fame over all the earth.
The Lord has sworn by his own right hand, by that arm which makes known his power: Never again shall thy enemies eat the harvest of thy corn-fields, alien folk drink the wine thou hast toiled to win;
harvester and waggoner, here in my precincts, shall eat and drink together, praising the Lord.

Out, out through the city gates! Give my people free passage; a road, there, a smooth road, away with the boulders on it! Raise a signal for all the nations to see.
To the furthest corners of the earth the Lord proclaims it, A message to queen Sion: Look, where thy deliverer comes, look, how they come with him, the reward of his labour, the achievement of his task!
A holy people they shall be called, of the Lord’s ransoming, and thou the city of his choice, no more forsaken.