The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Prophecy of Isaias
Chapter 66
Thus says the Lord, Heaven is my throne, earth the footstool under my feet. What home will you build for me, what place can be my resting-place?
Nothing you see about you but I fashioned it, the Lord says; my hand gave it being. From whom, then, shall I accept an offering? Patient he must be and humbled, one who stands in dread of my warnings.
To the rest it is all one; slaughter they an ox, or murder a human victim, cut sheep’s throat, or dash out a dog’s brains, make offering of meal, or of swine’s blood, in my honour burn incense, or bless the name of a false god. In all this, it is but caprice guides their choice, in all manner of abominations;
trust me, at my own caprice I will choose the terrors I bring down upon them. My call unanswered, my voice unheard, they did ever what I forbade, chose ever what I hated.

Listen to the word of the Lord, you that hold it in reverence! Foiled their hopes shall be, that hate and shun you because my name you bear; that say, Come, let us see the Lord reveal himself in majesty, let us witness this triumph of yours!
Hark, a stir of tumult in the city, a stir in the temple! It is the stir the Lord makes, as he brings retribution on his enemies!

Without travail, the mother has given birth; before her time a mother of men.
Never till now was such a tale heard, such a sight witnessed; should a nation’s pangs come upon it in a day, a whole people be born at once? Such are the pangs of Sion, such is the birth of her children.
What, says the Lord thy God, shall I, that bring children to the birth, want power to bring them forth? Shall I, that give life to the womb, want strength to open it?
Lovers of Jerusalem, rejoice with her, be glad for her sake; make holiday with her, you that mourned for her till now.
So shall you be her foster-children, suckled plentifully with her consolations, drinking in, to your hearts’ content, the abundant glory that is hers.
Thus says the Lord, Peace shall flow through her like a river, the wealth of the nations shall pour into her like a torrent in flood; this shall be the milk you drain, like children carried at the breast, fondled on a mother’s lap.
I will console you then, like a mother caressing her son, and all your consolation shall be in Jerusalem;
your eyes feasted with it, your hearts content, vigorous as the fresh grass your whole frame.

Thus to his servants the Lord makes known his power; his enemies shall have no quarter given them.
See, where the Lord comes with fire about him, with chariots that drive like the storm, angry his retribution, his vengeance like a scorching flame!
Fire and sword shall be the world’s purging, till the Lord has taken full toll.
Vainly they sought holiness, that would purify themselves in secret gardens, behind shut doors, and all the while ate flesh of swine and field-mouse and other meats abominable; one end there shall be for all of them, the Lord says.

Trust me, I will hold assize upon all such deeds and devices of theirs; ay, upon all nations and races. All must come and see my glory revealed,
and I will set a mark upon each of them. What of those that find deliverance? I have an errand for them, to be my messengers across the sea; to Africa, and to Lydia where men draw the bow, to Italy, and to Greece, and to the Islands far away. They shall go out where men never heard of my name, never saw my glory yet, to reveal that glory among the nations.
And out of all nations they shall bring your brethren back, an offering to the Lord, with horse and chariot, with litter and mule and waggon, to Jerusalem, the Lord says, to this mountain, my sanctuary. A bloodless offering this, for the sons of Israel to bring, in its sanctified vessel, to the Lord’s house!
And some among these newcomers, the Lord says, I will choose out to be priests and Levites.

This, too, he promises: Enduring your race and name shall be as the new heavens, the new earth I fashion, to stand continually in my presence.
Month after month, sabbath after sabbath shall go by, and still all mankind shall come to bow down before me, the Lord says.
And ever as they leave the gates, mortal remains they shall see of the men that rebelled against me long since; a prey now, to worm undying, to fire unquenchable; none that sees it but shall turn with loathing from the sight.