The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Prophecy of Jeremias
Chapter 28
Sedecias had then but lately come to the throne of Juda; it was the fourth year of his reign. In the fifth month of that year a prophet from Gabaon, Hananias son of Azur, came up to me in the temple, in full sight of priests and worshippers.
A message, he said, from the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel: So much for the king of Babylon’s yoke! I have broken it to pieces.
Two years must run their course, and then all shall come back again here; all the temple treasures Nabuchodonosor took away with him to his capital at Babylon,
and the king of Juda too, Jechonias son of Joachim, with all the exiles from Juda Babylon now holds. I will bring them back, the Lord says, and break the yoke of the king of Babylon to pieces.

But from Jeremias this prophet Hananias had a prophet’s answer, there in the presence of the priests, and of all who stood by in the Lord’s house;
Amen to that! Well indeed it were if the Lord would grant this prophecy of thine fulfilment, would bring all the temple treasure home, and all the exiles at Babylon!
Only, here is a word for thy hearing, and for the general hearing no less.
So many prophets before thy day and mine, so many nations, such proud empires their theme, and all alike told of battle, of distress, of famine;
here is one at last that brings good news! Why then, when his words come true, none will doubt that his errand was from the Lord.
At that, Hananias took the band from Jeremias’ neck and broke it,
crying out before all the people, A message from the Lord! Thus, when two years have run their course, I will break the yoke which king Nabuchodonosor of Babylon has laid on the necks of all the nations!
And Jeremias said no more, but passed on.

Thus did Hananias break the band on the neck of his fellow prophet; and thereupon came the word of the Lord to Jeremias,
Go and give Hananias this message from the Lord: Wooden yoke break, iron yoke make!
The Lord of hosts, the God of Israel, tells thee that he is putting a yoke of iron on the necks of all the nations, subjecting them to Nabuchodonosor king of Babylon. His subjects they shall be; even over the wild beasts dominion is granted him.
This, too, Jeremias said to his fellow prophet, Listen, Hananias; errand from the Lord thou hast none, thou art cheating yonder people with false hopes.
And this doom the Lord has uttered: I mean to banish thee from this earth altogether; thou shalt die within the year, for this language of rebellion against the Lord.
Hananias died that year, before seven months were over.