The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Prophecy of Jeremias
Chapter 40
To Jeremias the word of the Lord still came, after the captain of the bodyguard, Nabuzardan, had set him at liberty. This happened at Rama, where he was singled out, still in chains, among the prisoners from Jerusalem and Juda who were on their way to Babylon.
As he took him apart from the rest, the captain of the bodyguard said to him, With calamity the Lord thy God threatened this land of thine,
and calamity he has brought upon it; his threat is fulfilled. What guilt was this, to refuse the Lord obedience! And here is the issue.
From thy hands I have struck the chains, as thou seest; bear me company, if thou wilt, to Babylon, and I will take good care of thee; if thou wilt not go my way, then abide where thou art. The whole land is at thy disposal, and thou art free to take thy own path; none may constrain thee to go with me.
Here is Godolias, son of Ahicam, son of Saphan, that is entrusted by the king of Babylon with the charge of all Juda; dwell with him if thou wilt, here among thy own people, or where thou hast a mind betake thee. And with that, the captain of the bodyguard furnished him with provisions, and made him a present besides, and so took leave of him.
It was to Godolias son of Ahicam, at Maspath, that Jeremias repaired, and dwelt with him among the remnant of the land’s inhabitants.

Men, women, and children, to Godolias son of Ahicam the king of Babylon entrusted them, all these landless folk who had not been carried off into exile. And when the news of this appointment reached the army chieftains, scattered here and there with their men,
they rallied to Godolias at Maspha. Here were Ismahel, son of Nathanias, Johanan and Jonathan, sons of Caree, Sareas, son of Thanehumeth, the sons of Ophi from Netophathi, and Jezonias, son of Maachathi, all with men at their backs.
To these, chiefs and men alike, Godolias son of Ahicam son of Saphan took an oath. They need have no fear of living under Chaldaean rule; let them remain in the country as the king of Babylon’s vassals, and all should go well with them.
I am living here in Masphath, said he, to take the orders sent me from Chaldaea; it is for you to gather in vintage and harvest and olive-yield, each of you abiding in the city he now occupies.
There were other Jews living in Moab, Ammon, Edom, and the countries round about; these, when they heard that the king of Babylon had left a remnant in Juda, and put Godolias, son of Ahicam, son of Saphan, in charge of them,
came back from the countries where they had taken refuge into Judaea, came to Godolias at Masphath; and abundant was the store they brought in, of grapes and grain both.

And now, at Masphath, Godolias was visited by Johanan son of Caree, and the other chieftains from the countryside,
with this warning: We have information that Ismahel, son of Nathanias, was sent here by Baalis, king of Ammon, to take thy life. But Godolias would not believe it.
When Johanan was at Masphath he took Godolias aside; Let me go and make away with Ismahel secretly, he urged; if he should take thy life, all the Jews that have rallied about thee will be scattered again, and Juda have a remnant no more.
But Godolias would have none of it; Nay, said he to Johanan, leave off thy purpose; it is but a false report thou tellest me concerning Ismahel.