The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Book of Job
Chapter 2
Once again the heavenly powers came to wait upon the Lord’s presence; and there, waiting with the rest of them, was the Enemy of man.
And of his travels he still said the same; he had been roaming about the earth, to and fro about the earth.
Why then, the Lord said, thou hast seen for thyself that this servant of mine, Job, has not his like on earth; a man so true and honest, ever fearing his God, and keeping far from wrong-doing. And still he maintains his innocence. Shame it is that thou hast set me on to do him a mischief, and all to no purpose.
Nay, answered the Enemy, skin must suffer before skin grieves. Nothing a man owns, but he will part with it to keep his skin whole.
That hand of thine, let it fall on bone of his, flesh of his; see if he does not turn and blaspheme thee.
And thereupon said the Lord to man’s Enemy, Have what power over him thou wilt, so his life be kept safe in him.
And with that, the Enemy left the Lord’s presence, and withdrew.

And cruelly he smote Job; smote him with the foul scab from head to foot,
so that he was fain to sit him down on the dung-hill, and scratch himself with a shard where he itched.
Little comfort his own wife gave him; What, she said, still maintaining thy innocence? Better thou shouldst renounce God, and have done with living.
Spoken like a foolish wife, Job answered. What, should we accept the good fortune God sends us, and not the ill? So well, even now, did Job guard his lips.

News of the calamity that had befallen him reached three of his friends, Eliphaz the Themanite, Baldad the Suhite, and Sophar the Naamathite. From their far homes all, by agreement made, came to visit him, and give him comfort.
Scarcely, upon a distant view, could they recognize him; loud they cried out, and sore they wept, tore their garments about them and threw the dust over their heads heaven-high.
And for seven days and seven nights they sat there on the ground beside him, and no word spoken; here, they saw plainly, was overmastering grief.