The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Book of Leviticus
Chapter 1
The Lord summoned Moses, and, from the tabernacle that bore record of him made known his will.
These rules the Israelites were to follow, when any of them would offer the Lord a beast as a victim, from herd or from flock.
The man who would win the Lord’s favour with burnt-sacrifice of cattle must bring a male beast, without blemish, to the door of the tabernacle,
and lay his hand on the beast’s head, and so it will be accepted, and will serve to make atonement for him.
Then he will immolate the calf in the Lord’s presence, and the priests of Aaron’s line will make an offering of its blood, which they will pour round the altar at the tabernacle door.
Then they will skin the victim and cut its limbs into joints;
and, lighting a fire on the altar, where a pile of wood lies ready,
they will lay on it the joints, the head and the fat round the liver.
The entrails and feet must first be washed with water. So the priest will make a burnt-sacrifice of it all, there on the altar, and the smell of its burning will be acceptable to the Lord.

As with the herd, so with the flock; if he would offer sacrifice, sheep or goat, let him bring a male without blemish,
and immolate it at the northern side of the altar; and the priests of Aaron’s line will pour its blood round about,
and will separate the limbs, the head, and the fat round the liver, and lay them upon the wood over the fire;
the entrails and the feet first washed in water. So the priest will burn the whole offering as a burnt-sacrifice, and the Lord will accept the smell of its burning.

If a bird is offered to the Lord as a burnt-sacrifice, it will be a turtle-dove, or a young pigeon.
And the priest will bring it to the altar, where he will wring its neck and slit it open; then he will let the blood run over the foot of the altar,
casting away the crop and feathers near by on the eastern side, where the ashes are poured out.
He will break the bird’s wings, but will not cut it up into joints with a knife; he will burn it whole over wood kindled on the altar. So it will be a burnt-sacrifice, and the smell of its burning will be acceptable to the Lord.