The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Book of Leviticus
Chapter 17
And the Lord spoke to Moses,
bidding him tell Aaron and his sons and all Israel, Here is a commandment the Lord has for you.
Any Israelite who kills sheep or ox or goat, within the camp or without,
and does not make an offering to the Lord at the tabernacle door, shall pay for it with his life; blood has flowed, and the shedder of it is lost to his people.
Whatever beasts they kill on their farms, the sons of Israel must bring to the priests as victims, consecrating them to the Lord’s honour at the tabernacle door, and immolating them as welcome-offerings to him.
And the priest will pour out the blood at the altar which stands before the tabernacle, and burn the fats for the Lord to accept the smell of its burning.
You have prostituted yourselves to the worship of false gods; to them you must offer victims no longer. Such is the law they and their descendants must obey for all time;
tell them that if any Israelite or any alien living among them offers burnt-sacrifice or victim
without bringing it to the door of the tabernacle which bears record of me, and offering it to the Lord, he is lost to his people.

Any Israelite, or alien dwelling among you, who consumes the blood when he eats, becomes my enemy; I will sever him from my people.
It is the blood that animates all living things, and I have destined it to make atonement for your souls upon the altar, blood for the purgation of your souls.
That is why I have warned the sons of Israel that neither they nor the aliens who dwell among them must consume the blood when they eat.
Any Israelite, or alien living among you, who hunts down a beast or snares a bird, such as you are allowed to eat, must drain its blood and cover it with earth.
Because it animates all living things, I give the sons of Israel this warning: Never, on pain of death, turn it to your own use, the blood that holds the life.

Anyone, citizen or alien, who eats what has fallen dead or been the prey of a wild beast, must wash his clothes and bathe in water, and be reckoned unclean till sun-down. Then he will be clean again;
but if he does not wash his clothes and bathe himself, he will be held to account for it.