The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Book of Leviticus
Chapter 9
And now, when the eighth day came, Moses summoned Aaron and his sons, with the elders of Israel, and said to Aaron,
Choose out a young bullock to atone for your faults, and a ram for burnt-sacrifice, both without blemish, and offer them to the Lord.
And bid the sons of Israel choose out a goat to atone for their faults, with a bullock and a lamb, both one year old, both without blemish, for their burnt-sacrifice;
an ox, too, and a ram, by way of welcome-offering. They must immolate them here before the Lord, and offer up flour kneaded with oil to accompany each sacrifice; this day, the Lord means to appear among you.
So they brought to the tabernacle door all that Moses bade them bring; and to the whole multitude there assembled
Moses proclaimed, Here is a command laid upon you by the Lord; fulfil it, and his glory will be revealed to you.
Then he said to Aaron, Go up to the altar, and immolate the victim that is to atone for thy faults; offer burnt-sacrifice, to win pardon for thyself and for the people; the people too, have a victim thou must immolate, making intercession for them as the Lord bids thee.

With that, Aaron came up to the altar, and immolated the bullock that was to atone for his own faults.
His sons held out the blood before him, and he dipped his finger and smeared the horns of the altar with it, pouring the rest away at the altar’s foot.
Then, obedient to the command which the Lord had given Moses, he sacrificed on the altar the fat, the kidneys, and the liver-caul of this transgression-victim,
taking its flesh and skin away from the camp to be destroyed by fire.
After this, he immolated the victim of the burnt-sacrifice, his sons holding out first the blood, which he poured away round the altar;
then the carcase, cut up into joints, with its head and all its limbs complete, which he burnt on the altar,
first washing its entrails and its feet in water.

Next, he immolated the goat, as an offering for the people’s faults, and, purifying the altar,
went on to the burnt-sacrifice,
to which he added, burning them on the altar, the customary gifts, over and above all the ceremonies of the morning sacrifice.
Then he immolated the ox and the ram, by way of welcome-offering for the people. His sons held out the blood, and he poured it round the altar;
the fat of the ox, and the ram’s tail, and the kidneys with their fat, and the cauls of the livers,
they laid on the breasts of the victims, and when the fat had been burnt on the altar,
Aaron set apart the two breasts and the two right shoulders, which he lifted up in the Lord’s presence, as Moses had bidden him.
Then he stretched out his hands over the people, and blessed them; and so, the sacrifice done, the atonement for faults, the burnt-sacrifice, and the welcome-offering, he came down from the altar.

After this, both Moses and Aaron went into the tabernacle that bears record and blessed the people as they came out. Whereupon the glory of the Lord shone out upon the whole multitude,
and suddenly the Lord sent down fire, which consumed the burnt-sacrifice, and all the fat that lay on the altar. At the sight, the whole people raised a cry of praise, and fell face to ground in worship.