The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Prophecy of Malachias
Chapter 4
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Trust me, a day is coming that shall scorch like a furnace; stubble they shall be before it, says the Lord of hosts, all the proud, all the wrong-doers, caught and set alight, and neither root nor branch left them.
But to you that honour my name there shall be a sunrise of restoration, swift-winged, bearing redress; light-hearted as frisking calves at stall you shall go out to meet it,
ay, and trample on your godless enemy, ashes, now, to be spurned under foot, on that day when the Lord of hosts declares himself at last.

Yours to keep the law ever in mind, statute and award I gave to assembled Israel through Moses, that was my servant.
And before ever that day comes, great day and terrible, I will send Elias to be your prophet;
he it is shall reconcile heart of father to son, heart of son to father; else the whole of earth should be forfeit to my vengeance.