The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Prophecy of Michaeas
Chapter 1
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This message came from the Lord to Michaeas the Morasthite, during the reigns of Joathan, Achaz and Ezechias in Juda; this revelation was made to him concerning Samaria and Jerusalem both together.

A word for you, nations far and near; let the whole world give audience, and all the world contains! Listen to this indictment the Lord God brings, from his high throne all beholding.
See, where the Lord comes out from his dwelling-place; and, as he makes his way down, the topmost peaks of earth for his stairway,
melt hills at his touch, melt valleys like wax before the fire, like water over the steep rocks flowing away!

Alas, what betokens it? What but Jacob’s going astray, what but guilt of Israel’s line? Head and front of Jacob’s sinning Samaria needs must be, sure as Jerusalem is Juda’s place of pilgrimage.
In ruin Samaria shall lie, a heap of stones in the open country-side, a terrace for vineyards; all down yonder valley I will drag the stones of her, till her very foundations are laid bare.
Shattered all those idols must be, burnt to ashes the gauds she wears; never an image but shall be left forlorn; all shall go the way of a harlot’s wages, that were a harlot’s wages from the first.

For this, should I not raise the dirge aloud? Barefoot go I and stripped; jackal nor ostrich cries out more lamentably.
Hurt is here past all cure, that to Juda itself must spread; Jerusalem itself, mart of my own country-side, shall feel the blow.
Gate of Gath must never hear the news, hushed be the sound of weeping; afar at Beth-aphra cast the dust on your heads.
Away with you, Shaphir’s folk, shivering and shamed; of coming and going in Saanan sign is none; mourning of Beth-ezel … has taken the ground from under your feet.
Marred, now, are the anxious hopes of Maroth; so ruthless the Lord’s decree against yonder gates of Jerusalem.
Recklessly, at Lachis, harness they steed to chariot; Lachis, that first betrayed poor Sion into guilt, that was Israel’s mistress in wrong-doing!
Marriage-dower this daughter of thine, Moreseth-gath, shall cost thee; here is Achsib, too, for the royal policy how rude a set-back!
Thy marches, Maresa, shall be ridden once again; to Odollam …

… Israel’s glory shall come.
Such pride in thy children! Shaven bare thy brow; vulture itself is not so bald; alas, for sons of thine exiled far away!