The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Second Book of Esdras or the Book of Nehemias
Chapter 3
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Up rose the high priest Eliasib, and his priestly brethren with him, and rebuilt the Shepherds’ Gate; handselled it, and set up its doors, handselled the work all the way to Hundred-cubit Tower, all the way to the Tower of Hananeel.
Next to him toiled, on this side, the men of Jericho; toiled, on that side, Zachur the son of Amri.
The Fishmongers’ Gate was restored by the sons of Asnaa, coping and doors, bolts and bars; then came Marimuth, son of Urias, son of Accus,
then Mosollam, son of Barachias, son of Mesezebel; then Sadoc, son of Baana;
then the folk of Thecue, though never a shoulder did their chieftains put to the Lord’s work.
The Old Gate was restored by Joiada son of Phasea and Mosollam son of Besodia, coping and doors, bolts and bars;
then came Meltias of Gabaon and Jadon the Meronathite, (and the) men of Gabaon and Maspha, but they were working for the governor of the country beyond Euphrates;
then Eziel son of Araia, of the gold-merchants, then Ananias, of the apothecaries; these let out Jerusalem as far as the wall round the open square.
Then came Raphaia, son of Hur, that was in charge of a whole district of the city;
then Jedaia, son of Haromaph, for the part abutting on his own house; then Hattus, son of Hasebonias.
Half of that district of the city, with the Furnace Tower, was restored by Melchias, son of Herem and, next to him, Hasub of the clan of Phahath-Moab;
next him again came Sellum son of Alohes, that had half one of the districts of Jerusalem in his charge, and his daughters with him.
The Valley Gate was restored by Hanun and the men of Zanoe, coping and doors, bolts and bars, and a thousand cubits of the wall besides, right up to the Scavengers’ Gate.
This was restored, bolt and bar and door, by Melchias son of Rechab, that had charge of the Bethacharam district;
and the Gate of the Well by Sellum son of Cholhoza, chief of the Maspha district; coping and door and bolt and bar he finished it, built the wall, too, of Siloe pool right up to the royal garden, and to the steps that lead down from David’s Keep.

Nehemias son of Azboc, that had half the district of Bethsur in his charge, restored as far as David’s tomb, and the artificial pool, and the House of the Heroes.
Then came the Levites … Rehum son of Benni; then Hesebias, along that part of the Ceila district which was in his charge;
then their brethren … Bavai son of Enadad, who had charge of the rest of the Ceila district …

Then came a second length of wall restored by Azer son of Josue, that was chieftain at Maspha, where the steps go up by the great bastion;
another second length by Baruch son of Zachai, from the bastion up to the door of the house where the high priest Eliasib lived;
and another by Merimuth son of Urias son of Accus, from the door all along the side of the house.
Then came some of the priests, men that dwelt in the plains of Jordan,
then Benjamin and Hasub for the part opposite their house, then Azarias, son of Maasias, son of Ananias, for the part opposite his.
Then Bennui son of Enadad built a second length, from the house of Ananias to the corner where the wall turns;
then came Phalel, son of Ozi, for the part by the corner itself and the high tower of the royal palace that looks out on the prison yard; then Phadaia, son of Pharos,
and the Nathinaeans (who) lived in the Ophel quarter, for the part by the eastern water-gate, and the jutting tower.
Then the men of Thecue built a second length on the other side, from the great jutting tower to the temple wall.
All the way up from the Stable Gate the priests restored, each along the front of his own house.
Then came Sadoc the son of Emmer, opposite his own house, then Semaia son of Sechenias, that had charge of the eastern gate;
then Hanania, son of Selemias, then Hanun, the sixth son of Seleph, a second length, then Mosollam son of Barachias, opposite his store-room, then Melchias, of the goldsmiths, past where the Nathinaeans and the chapmen lived, opposite the Judgement Gate, right up to the room in the wall corner.
And from the room in the wall corner back to the Shepherds’ Gate, the restoration was done by the goldsmiths and by the merchants.