The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Book of Numbers
Chapter 27
Salphaad, then, was descended from Joseph through Hepher, Galaad, Machir and Manasses. And now his daughters, Maala, Noa, Hegla, Melcha and Thersa came forward,
preferring a suit before Moses and the high priest Eleazar and all the chieftains, at the tabernacle door. This was their plea:
Our father died in the desert, not that he took any part in Core’s rebellion against the Lord; he died accountable for no sins but his own; and he died without male issue. Why must his name be lost to his clan, only because he had no son? Why may we not inherit side by side with our father’s kinsmen?
So Moses submitted their plea to the Lord’s arbitrament,
and the Lord said to him,
This is a just plea the daughters of Salphaad are making. Grant them the right to inherit side by side with their father’s kinsmen, and succeed to his property.
And make this announcement to the sons of Israel:
When a man dies without sons, his property shall pass to a daughter;
if he has no daughter, to his brothers;
if he has no brothers, to his uncles;
if he has no uncles either, to those who are next of kin to him. This right holds good at all times by law unalterable; it was the Lord’s command to Moses.

After this, the Lord bade Moses climb the mountain of Abarim, that was near by, and view the land he was giving to the sons of Israel as their home.
When thou hast viewed it, said he, thou too, like thy brother Aaron, shalt become a part of thy people.
Both of you earned my displeasure when the people challenged my power in the wilderness of Sin, by not vindicating my holiness before their eyes. (This was by the Waters of Rebellion, at Cades in the desert of Sin.)
To this Moses made answer,
O God, art not thou Lord of every spirit that breathes? And wilt thou not find this people a ruler,
who shall lead them to and fro, marching at their head? Must the people of the Lord go untended, like sheep without a shepherd?
And the Lord said to him, Make choice of Josue, the son of Nun, a man endowed with high gifts; lay thy hand upon him,
and bid him stand forth before the high priest Eleazar, and the whole assembly.
There, in the sight of all, give him thy last charge, and share with him that dignity which is thine, so that all Israel may learn to obey him.
But whenever some action is planned, the high priest Eleazar will consult the Lord concerning it; at his word both Josue himself and all Israel, and all the company that goes with them, shall move this way and that.
So Moses did as the Lord had bidden him, presenting Josue before the high priest Eleazar and the whole assembly,
and there laying his hands on Josue’s head, and repeating all the charge which the Lord had given him.