The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Prophecy of Osee
Chapter 5
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Priest and people, hear and heed! And you, too, mark it well, men of the court; whose but yours the blame, if there are snares on every commanding height, if Thabor itself is ringed with toils,
and your quarry is driven down to the depths? But to all alike comes the warning.
Think you that I have no eyes for Ephraim’s wantonness? that Israel escapes my scrutiny, Israel, so defiled?
Return to the Lord? Not for such hearts the message; lust for strange worship is there, and of the Lord they reck nothing.
Self-condemned, the pride of Israel; what wonder Israel … and Ephraim should be entangled in guilt? Juda itself shall not escape their downfall.
All their flocks and herds shall not win them access to the Lord; he stands aloof from them,
sinners that have defied him; a bastard brood, that ere yonder moon rises new shall be disinherited and brought to nothing.

The trumpet, there, in Gabaa; at Rama sound for battle; let Bethaven echo with the rallying-cry! Benjamin, to arms!
Alas for Ephraim, in the hour of punishment left forlorn! Mine to teach Israel’s tribes a lesson of faithfulness.
And what of Juda’s chieftains? A neighbour’s land-mark scrupled they never to remove; on these, too, the full flood of my vengeance shall come down.
Poor Ephraim, ever since he set his face towards the mire, all is oppression with him, all is judgement gone amiss.
And all the while I, none other, wear away strength of Ephraim and Juda alike; moth nor canker so surely!
What did Ephraim, in his great sickness, what did Juda, bound hand and foot? To Assyria Ephraim would despatch envoys, to yonder ruthless king; but heal you he could not, nor unbind.
Mine the encounter Ephraim has to fear, and Juda both; lion’s dam nor whelp mauls prey and carries it off so inexorably.
All in a moment come and gone whence I came! Who knows if weariness will drive you back to my presence?