The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Prophecy of Osee
Chapter 12
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Ephraim, that would still play shepherd to the wind, still hunt in the track of the storm, and nothing hoard up but treachery, nothing but his own ruin! See him making treaties with the Assyrian, sending tribute of oil to Egypt!
On Juda’s part the Lord takes up the quarrel, will call Jacob to account, for ill deeds and ill designs rewarding him.

Here was one that took precedence of his brother even in the womb; strength was his, of celestial strength the rival.
Did he not hold his own in contest with an angel, and prefer, with tears, his suit? Ay, and what of that encounter at Bethel, when the promises came to us
from him, the Lord of hosts, from the God whose name we remember yet?

Wouldst thou to thy God return? A tender heart keep thou must, and a right mind, and wait for thy God’s help continually.

Is it the Chanaanite that carries false weights, and loves ill gotten gain?
Here is Ephraim boasting that he has grown rich, has found a false god to worship; will not these earnings of mine, thinks he, buy me out from the punishment I have deserved?

I, the Lord, thy God in Egypt, and thy God still! Once again thou shalt dwell in tents, as in the days when I kept tryst with thee;
once again I will bestow utterance upon the prophets. Mine it is, by the prophets’ means, to grant clear vision, to speak in parables.

If Galaad is all idolatry, vain the sacrifice of oxen that is made at Galgal; stone heaps their altars shall be, out in the plough-lands.

Time was when Jacob fled to the Aram country; Israel worked for a wife, and for that wife’s sake loyally kept his troth.
Time was, when the Lord rescued Israel from Egypt by a prophet’s means, and, for that prophet’s sake loyally preserved them.

For bitter jealousy of mine Ephraim must pay the penalty; spurned Master spurns him now.