The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Prophecy of Osee
Chapter 1
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This is the message which came from the Lord to Osee, son of Beeri, during the reigns of Ozias, Joathan, Achaz and Ezechias in Juda, and during the reign of Jeroboam, son of Joas, in Israel.

When first the divine voice made itself heard through Osee, this was the command given him: Wanton wed thou, wantons breed thou; in a wanton land thou dwellest, that keeps troth with its Lord never.
So it was he came to marry Gomer, a daughter of Debelaim. When he got her with child, and she bore him a son,
This one, the Lord told him, thou art to call Jezrahel; at Jezrahel the blood was spilt for which, ere long, Jehu’s line must be punished, and Israel have kings no more;
in Jezrahel valley, my doom is, bow of Israel shall be broken.
And next, she was brought to bed of a daughter; of whom the Lord said, Unbefriended call her, in token that I will befriend Israel no longer, heed them no longer.
To Juda I will be a friend yet, not with bow or sword of theirs delivering them, not in battle, with horse or horseman to give aid, but by the power of the Lord their God only.

Unbefriended, then, was the name of her; and after she was weaned, once more Gomer conceived, and had a son.
This time the command was, Call him Strange-folk; no longer shall you be my people, or I be your …

Measureless the race of Israel shall be and countless as the sand by the sea-shore. In the very place where once the doom was uttered, You are but strangers to me, they shall be welcomed as sons of the living God.
As one people, Juda and Israel shall be rallied, under a leader of their common choice; and they shall come flocking from every corner of the land; such great doings there shall be at Jezrahel.