The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Book of Psalms
Psalm 18
(To the choir-master. A psalm. Of David.)
See how the skies proclaim God’s glory, how the vault of heaven betrays his craftsmanship!
Each day echoes its secret to the next, each night passes on to the next its revelation of knowledge;
no word, no accent of theirs that does not make itself heard,
till their utterance fills every land, till their message reaches the ends of the world.
In these, he has made a pavilion for the sun, which comes out as a bridegroom comes from his bed, and exults like some great runner who sees the track before him.
Here, at one end of heaven, is its starting-place, and its course reaches to the other; none can escape its burning heat.

The Lord’s perfect law, how it brings the soul back to life; the Lord’s unchallengeable decrees, how they make the simple learned!
How plain are the duties which the Lord enjoins, the treasure of man’s heart; how clear is the commandment the Lord gives, the enlightenment of man’s eyes!
How sacred a thing is the fear of the Lord, which is binding for ever; how unerring are the awards which the Lord makes, one and all giving proof of their justice!
All these are more precious than gold, than a hoard of pure gold, sweeter than the honey, dripping from its comb.
By these I, thy servant, live, observing them how jealously!
And yet, who knows his own frailties? If I have sinned unwittingly, do thou absolve me.
Keep me ever thy own servant, far from pride; so long as this does not lord it over me, I will yet be without fault, I will yet be innocent of the great sin.
Every word on my lips, every thought in my heart, what thou wouldst have it be, O Lord, my defender, my redeemer!