The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Book of Psalms
Psalm 59
(To the choir-master. Melody: Lily of the Law. A miktam. Of David. To be used for teaching.
This was when he marched against the Syrians of Naharaim and Soba, and Joab on his way home defeated the men of Edom in the Valley of Salt, twelve thousand of them.)
Too long, O God, hast thou disowned us, and scattered our armies in flight; thy wrath forgo, and bring us back to our own.
Heal the wounds of the land thou hast shaken and torn asunder, the land that trembles still.
Heavy the burden thou didst lay on us; such a draught thou didst brew for us as made our senses reel.
But now thou hast set up a standard to rally thy faithful servants, and to protect them from the archers’ onset; now bring aid to the men thou lovest,
give our prayer answer, and lift thy right hand to save.

God’s word came to us from his sanctuary, In triumph I will divide up Sichem, and parcel out the valley of Tents;
to me Galaad, to me Manasses belongs; Ephraim is my helmet, Juda the staff I bear.
Now Moab, too, shall be my drudge; over Edom I will claim my right; I will lead the Philistines away in triumph.
Such was the oracle; but now who is to lead me on my march against this fortress, who is to find an entrance for me into Edom,
when thou, O God, hast disowned us, and wilt not go into battle with our armies?
It is thou that must deliver us from peril; vain is the help of man.
Only through God can we fight victoriously; only he can trample our oppressors in the dust.