The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Book of Psalms
Psalm 67
(To the choir-master. Of David. A psalm. A song.)
Let God bestir himself, needs must his foes be scattered, their malice take flight before his coming.
Vanish the wicked at God’s presence as the smoke vanishes, as wax melts at the fire,
while the just keep holiday and rejoice at the sight of him, glad and content.
Sing, then, in God’s honour, praise his name with a psalm; a royal progress through the wilderness for the God whose name tells of omnipotence! Triumph in his presence;
he is a father to the orphan, and gives the widow redress, this God who dwells apart in holiness.
This is the God who makes a home for the outcast, restores the captives to a land of plenty, leaves none but the rebels to find their abode in the wilderness.

O God, when thou didst go forth at the head of thy people, on that royal progress of thine through the desert,
how the earth trembled, how the sky broke at God’s coming, how even Sinai shook, when the God of Israel came!
And on this thy own land, O God, thou sendest rain abundantly; all parched it lies, and thou dost bring it relief.
Pasture-land of thy own flock; and shouldst thou not make bounteous provision here, O God, for thy pensioners?

Word has come from the Lord, good news borne on a multitude of lips:
Routed their kings, routed the armies; they have left their spoils for housewives to carry away;
never shone silver so bright on a dove’s feathers, never gold so fair on a dove’s wings; and you, all the while, resting quiet among the sheep-folds!
White fell the snows on Salmon, when the Almighty put kings to rout.

Basan’s hills are high, Basan’s hills are rugged;
must you turn your eyes, rugged hills, towards God’s mountain, and envy what you see? The mountain where God loves and will ever love to dwell.
See where God comes, with chariots innumerable for his escort; thousands upon thousands; comes from Sinai to this his sanctuary.
Thou dost mount up on high, thou dost capture thy spoil, and men must be thy tribute, will they or no, yonder heathen must have the Lord God for their neighbour.
Blessed be the Lord now and ever, the God who bears our burdens, and wins us the victory.
Our God is a God of deliverance; the Lord is our Master, that saves men from peril of death.
God will smite the heads of his enemies, smite the proud locks of the men who live at ease in their wickedness.
I will restore my people, the Lord says; I will restore them to their land, from Basan, from the shore of the high seas.
Soon the blood of thy enemies will stain thy feet, never a jackal that follows thee but shall lick its prey.
Thou comest, O God, a mark for all eyes; he comes, my God and my king, to visit his sanctuary.
Before him go the singers, and the minstrels follow, while the maids play on their tambours between:
Give praise to the Lord God in this solemn assembly, sons of Israel!
Here is Benjamin, youngest of the tribes, that marches in the van; here are the chieftains of Juda with their companies, chieftains, too, from Zabulon, chieftains from Nephtali.

Shew thy power, O God, shew thy Divine power, perfect thy own achievement for us;
to honour thy temple at Jerusalem, kings shall bring gifts before thee.
Tame the wild beasts of the marshes, fierce bulls that lord it over the peaceful herd of nations; down fall they, bringing silver pieces for their ransom. Scatter the nations that delight in war,
till Egypt sends hither her princes, till Ethiopia makes her peace with God.
Kingdoms of the earth, raise your voices in God’s honour, sing a psalm to the Lord; a psalm to God,
who mounts on the heavens, the immemorial heavens, and utters his word in a voice of thunder.
Pay honour to God, the God whose splendour rests over Israel, who holds dominion high among the clouds.
Awe dwells about him in his holy place! The God of Israel gives his people strength and courage; blessed be God!