The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Book of Psalms
Psalm 70
To thee, O God, I turn for succour; may I never be disappointed!
Rescue and deliver me, faithful as thou art; listen to my cry for succour.
Let me find in thee a rock-fastness, a citadel of defence; I have no other stronghold, no other refuge, but thee.
Rescue me, O God, from the power of the wicked, from the grasp of lawlessness and oppression;
thou, my God and Master, the hope and confidence of my youth.
Thou hast upheld me from birth, thou hast guarded me ever since I left my mother’s womb; ever in thee was my trust.
Men stare at me now as a strange portent, so signal the protection thou hast given me.
And evermore praise was on my lips, my constant theme thy glory.

Do not cast me off now, in my old age; slowly my strength ebbs, do not thou forsake me.
A mark thou seest me for envious eyes and tongues; they conspire together,
and whisper, God has abandoned him; now is the time to overtake and seize him; no one can bring him rescue now.
O God, do not keep thy distance from me; hasten, my God, to aid me.
Defeat their plot against my life, and bring it to nothing; cover my ill-wishers with confusion and shame.

Still will I hope on, praising thee ever more and more.
Day in, day out, these lips shall tell of thy faithfulness, of thy saving power, and find no end to them;
thy divine wonders, thy matchless justice, Lord, they shall proclaim.
It is thou, O God, that hast inspired me ever since the days of my youth, and still I am found telling the tale of thy wonders.
O God, do not fail me, now when I am old and grey-headed, till I have made known the proofs of thy power to this, to all the generations that will follow;
that faithfulness of thine which reaches up, O God, to the heavens, so signally made manifest. There is none like thee, O God, none like thee.
Ah, how often thou hast burdened me with bitter trouble! And still thou wouldst relent, and give me back life, and bring me up again from the very depths of the earth.
Lift my head high; turn back, and comfort me.
So true to thy word, and shall I not give thee thanks with psalm-music, praise thee on the harp, O God, the Holy One of Israel?
Gladly these lips will sing of thee, this heart, which owes thee its deliverance.
Day in, day out, I will repeat the story of thy faithfulness, what shame fell, what confusion, on the men who sought to wrong me.