The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Book of Psalms
Psalm 71
(Of Solomon.)
Grant to the king, O God, thy own skill in judgement; the inheritor of a throne, may he be just, as thou art just; may he give thy people right awards, and to thy poor, redress.
Such be the harvest his subjects shall reap, peace on every mountain, justice on every hill-side.
Watch and ward he will keep over the friendless, protect the children of the poor, and crush the oppressor.
Ageless as sun or moon he shall endure;
kindly as the rain that drops on the meadow grass, as the showers that water the earth.
Justice in his days shall thrive, and the blessings of peace; and may those days last till the moon shines no more.

From sea to sea, from the great river to the ends of earth, his sway shall reach.
In his presence rebels shall bend the knee, all his enemies will be humbled in the dust;
gifts shall flow in from the lords of Tharsis and the islanders, tribute from the kings of Arabia and of Saba;
all kings must needs bring their homage, all nations serve him.
He will give the poor redress when they cry to him, destitute folk, with none to befriend them;
in their need and helplessness, they shall have his compassion. Their lives he will take into his keeping,
set them free from the power of wrong and oppression, dearly avenge their blood.
Long life shall be his, and gold from Arabia shall be given him; men will pray for him continually, bless his name evermore.
The land shall have good store of corn, high up the hill-sides, rustling like the woods of Lebanon; shall multiply its citizens like grass on the ground.
For ever let his name be used in blessing, a name to endure while the sun gives light; in him all the tribes of the earth shall be enriched, all the nations shall extol him.

Blessed be the Lord God of Israel, who does wonderful deeds as none else,
and blessed for ever be his glorious name; all the earth shall be filled with his glory, Amen, Amen.