The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Book of Psalms
Psalm 98
The Lord is king, the nations are adread; he is throned above the Cherubim, and earth trembles before him.
Great is the Lord who dwells in Sion, sovereign ruler of all peoples!
Let them all praise that great name of thine, a name terrible and holy.
He reigns in might, that right loves, to all assuring redress, giving the sons of Jacob doom and award.
Praise, then, the Lord our God, and bow down before his footstool; that, too, is holy.
Remember Moses and Aaron, and all those priests of his, Samuel and those others who called on his name, how the Lord listened when they called upon him.
His voice came to them from the pillar of cloud; so it was they heard the decrees, the command he gave them.
And thou, O Lord our God, didst listen to them, and they found thee a God of pardon; yet every fault of theirs thou wert quick to punish.
Praise the Lord our God, and do worship on the holy mountain where he dwells; the Lord our God is holy.