The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Book of Psalms
Psalm 100
(Of David. A psalm.)
Of mercy and of justice my song shall be; a psalm in thy honour, Lord,
from one that would guide his steps ever more perfectly. Ah, when wilt thou grant me thy presence? Here in my house I would live with stainless heart;
no ill purpose clouding my view, the transgressors of the law my enemies.
None such will I have at my side; here treachery shall find no place, knavery no countenance;
of whispered calumny, death shall be the reward; on scornful looks and proud thoughts I will have no mercy.
To plain, honest folk in the land I will look for my company; my servants shall be such as follow the path of innocence.
No welcome here for schemers, no standing in my presence for men who talk deceitfully.
Mine, as the days pass, to root out from the land every guilty soul, till I purge the Lord’s city of all evil-doing.