The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Book of Psalms
Psalm 137
(Of David.)
My heart’s thanks, Lord, for listening to the prayer I uttered; angels for my witnesses, I will sing of thy praise.
I bow down in worship towards thy sanctuary, praising thy name for thy mercy and faithfulness; thy own honour and thy pledged word thou hast vindicated for all the world to see.
To thee I appealed, and thou didst listen to me, didst fill my heart with courage.
All the kings of the earth, Lord, will praise thee now; were not thy promises made in their hearing?
Their song shall be of the Lord’s doings, how great is his renown,
the Lord, who is so high above us, yet looks with favour on the humble, looks on the proud too, but from far off.
Though affliction surround my path, thou dost preserve me; it is thy power that confronts my enemies’ malice, thy right hand that rescues me.
My purposes the Lord will yet speed; thy mercy, Lord, endures for ever, and wilt thou abandon us, the creatures of thy own hands?