The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Book of Psalms
Psalm 140
(A psalm. Of David.)
Come quickly, Lord, at my cry for succour; do not let my appeal to thee go unheard.
Welcome as incense-smoke let my prayer rise up before thee; when I lift up my hands, be it acceptable as the evening sacrifice.
Lord, set a guard on my mouth, post a sentry before my lips;
do not turn my heart towards thoughts of evil, and deeds of treachery; never let me take part with the wrong-doers, and share the banquet with them.
Rather let some just man deal me heavy blows; this shall be his kindness to me; reprove me, and it shall be balm poured over me; such unction never will this head refuse. Their injuries I will still greet with a prayer …

… My words have won their hearts, a people that had seen their chieftains hurled down the rock-face,
a people whose bones lie scattered at the grave’s mouth, like seed when the earth is cloven into furrows.

To thee these eyes look, my Lord, my Master; in thee I trust; let not my life be forfeit.
Preserve me from the ambush they have laid for me, from the snares of the wrong-doers.
Into their own net, sinner upon sinner, may they fall, and I pass on in safety.