The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Book of Psalms
Psalm 142
(A psalm. Of David.)
Listen, Lord, to my prayer; give my plea a hearing, as thou art ever faithful; listen, thou who lovest the right.
Do not call thy servant to account; what man is there living that can stand guiltless in thy presence?
See how my enemies plot against my life, how they have abased me in the dust, set me down in dark places, like the long-forgotten dead!
My spirits are crushed within me, my heart is cowed.
And my mind goes back to past days; I think of all thou didst once, dwell on the proofs thou gavest of thy power.
To thee I spread out my hands in prayer, for thee my soul thirsts, like a land parched with drought.

Hasten, Lord, to answer my prayer; my spirit grows faint. Do not turn thy face away from me, and leave me like one sunk in the abyss.
Speedily let me win thy mercy, my hope is in thee; to thee I lift up my heart, shew me the path I must follow;
to thee I fly for refuge, deliver me, Lord, from my enemies.
Thou art my God, teach me to do thy will; let thy gracious spirit lead me, safe ground under my feet.
For the honour of thy own name, Lord, grant me life; in thy mercy rescue me from my cruel affliction.
Have pity on me, and scatter my enemies; thy servant I; make an end of my cruel persecutors.