The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Book of Psalms
Psalm 16
(A prayer. Of David.)
Lord, to my just complaint give ear; do not spurn my cry for aid. Listen to this prayer of mine; they are no treacherous lips that make it.
At thy judgement seat I claim award; unerring thy scrutiny.
Wilt thou read my heart, drawing near in the darkness to test me as if by fire, thou wilt find no treachery in me.
Never have these lips been led astray by man’s evil example; still to thy law’s pattern thy warnings kept me true;
still in thy paths my steps were firmly planted, my feet did not stumble.

And now I cry to thee, the God who ever hearest me; turn thy ear towards me, and listen to my plea.
Thy mercy, thy signal mercy shew; none ever sought sanctuary at thy right hand in vain.
Protect me as thou wouldst the apple of thy own eye; hide me under the shelter of thy wings,
safe from the evil-doers who wrong me.

See how my enemies close about me mercilessly,
their hearts shut to pity, a boast on their lips!
Even now their stealthy tread closes in on me, as they watch their opportunity to bring me down;
treacherous as a lion that is eager for its prey, a young lion that waits hidden in its lair.

Bestir thyself, Lord; forestall him and throw him to the ground; bare thy sword, and save me from the evil-doer,
raise thy hand, to rescue me from the hands of mortal men! Mortal men indeed, that have all their portion here on earth; whose desires thou dost satisfy with treasures from thy store, so that their children, too, live in abundance, and leave riches for new heirs to enjoy.
As for me, I will come with upright heart into thy presence, and when I wake up, I shall be well content with thy likeness.