The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Book of Psalms
Psalm 26
(Of David.)
The Lord is my light and my deliverance; whom have I to fear? The Lord watches over my life; whom shall I hold in dread?
Vainly the malicious close about me, as if they would tear me in pieces, vainly my enemies threaten me; all at once they stumble and fall.
Though a whole host were arrayed against me, my heart would be undaunted; though an armed onset should threaten me, still I would not lose my confidence.
One request I have ever made of the Lord, let me claim it still, to dwell in the Lord’s house my whole life long, resting content in the Lord’s goodness, gazing at his temple.
In his royal tent he hides me, in the inmost recess of his royal tent, safe from peril.
On a rock fastness he lifts me high up; my head rises high above the enemies that encompass me. I will make an offering of triumphant music in this tabernacle of his, singing and praising the Lord.

Listen to my voice, Lord, when I cry to thee; hear and spare.
True to my heart’s promise, I have eyes only for thee; I long, Lord, for thy presence.
Do not hide thy face, do not turn away from thy servant in anger, but give me still thy aid; do not forsake me, do not neglect me, O God, my defender.
Father and mother may neglect me, but the Lord takes me into his care.
Lord, shew me the way thou hast chosen for me, guide me along the sure path, beset as I am with enemies;
do not give me over to the will of my oppressors, when false witnesses stand up to accuse me, breathe out threats against me.
My faith is, I will yet live to see the Lord’s mercies.
Wait patiently for the Lord to help thee; be brave, and let thy heart take comfort; wait patiently for the Lord.