The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Book of Psalms
Psalm 27
(Of David.)
To thee, my Lord, my refuge, I cry aloud, do not leave my cry unanswered; listen to me, or I am no better than a dead man, sinking to the grave.
Listen Lord, to my plea as I call upon thee, as I raise my hands in prayer towards thy holy temple.
Do not summon me, with the wicked, before thy judgement-seat; with men who traffic in iniquity, men who talk of peace to their neighbours, while their hearts are full of malice.
For them, the reward of their own acts, their own evil ways; as they did, be it done to them, in their own coin repaid.
Of the Lord’s acts, the Lord’s ways, they took no heed; ruin be theirs, ruin irreparable.

Blessed be the Lord’s name, my plea is heard;
the Lord is my strength and shield. Trusting in him, I found redress; there is triumph in my heart, on my lips the song of praise.
The Lord defends his own people, protects the king he has anointed.
Lord, save thy people, bless thy own chosen race; be their shepherd, evermore in thy arms upholding them.