The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Book of Psalms
Psalm 29
(A psalm. A hymn for the feast of the temple’s dedication. Of David.)
Praise to thee, Lord, thou hast taken me under thy protection, and baulked my enemies of their will;
I cried out to the Lord my God, and thou didst grant me recovery.
So didst thou bring me back, Lord, from the place of shadows, rescue me from the very edge of the grave.
Sing praise to the Lord, then, faithful souls, invoke his name with thankfulness.
For a moment lasts his anger, for a life-time his love; sorrow is but the guest of a night, and joy comes in the morning.

I, too, had thought, in time of ease, Nothing can shake me now;
such power and state, Lord, had thy mercy granted me. Then thou didst turn thy face away from me, and I was at peace no more.
Lord, I was fain to plead with thee, cry upon God for pity:
How will it profit thee to take my life? I can but go down into the grave; and will this dust give thanks to thee, or acknowledge, there, thy faithfulness?
Listen, Lord, and spare; Lord, let thy aid befriend me.
With that, thou didst turn my sadness into rejoicing, thou hast undone the sackcloth I wore, and girded me about with gladness.
So may this heart never tire of singing praises; O Lord my God, I will give thanks to thee for ever.